The team of people that you surround yourself with is so important. My team helps to care for our horses day in and day out, and work their hardest to ensure they are in the best shape throughout the year. We accomplish a lot together, and my team is the backbone of any success I've had.

 Buck Davidson

Buck Davidson


I worked with Buck Davidson from the ages of 14 to 21. He has mentored and guided me every step of the way. Whether teaching me, or simply watching him ride and teach others, he has taught me everything I know. Most importantly, he sets a high standard when it comes to work ethic and horsemanship and I strive to measure up to his standards every day. I appreciate all the time we spent together.

I am very excited to be taking the next step in my professional career by setting up my own business, Caroline Martin Eventing, which is based in Riegelsville, PA and Ocala, FL. US Equestrian Developing Rider Coach, Leslie Law and his wife Lesley, have been an enormous help to me and I am very happy to have their mentorship and coaching.


I couldn't do what I love without the incredible support of my parents, Sherrie and Randy Martin. They help guide me throughout this journey, and allow me the opportunities to reach for my dreams. The words, "Thank You," can't even begin to express how grateful I am to have them by my side living the dream!


Eventing grooms are definitely the most hardworking and important members of any rider's team. Sally Robertson is head groom at Caroline Martin Eventing. Our team of grooms and working students look after our team of horses every day, and keep the horses happy and healthy. As much as I am hands-on everyday, Sally and her team are too and look after the horses as if they were their own.


Drs. Brendan Furlong and Jan Henricksen of B.W. Furlong & Associates in Oldwick, NJ have looked after my horses from day one. I've known Brendan since I was very young and he has been such an important influence in my life and has patiently educated about vet care throughout the years.  Communication is key to doing the best by your horses, and I am so honored to have them as part of the Caroline Martin Eventing Team. To learn more about B.W. Furlong & Associates, visit:

 Brice Philip

Brice Philip


Brice Philip has been my farrier since I started working with Buck. He does an awesome job keeping my horses' feet looking and feeling great. When I'm not busy riding, Brice has been teaching me how to shoe horses for the last year!

 Sara Zwolenik with her family

Sara Zwolenik with her family

Office manager

Sara Zwolenik keeps me and my busy show schedule organized. She takes care of all of our entries and travel arrangements. Sara is the best keeping the business side of Caroline Martin Eventing on track.